Inland Empire Thanksgiving Meals Assistance

If you are searching within the Inland Empires area for opportunities and options for Thanksgiving meal assistance, we are hoping this list provided to Friendship Community Church  proves to be a blessing to you – please share with anyone who might benefit....

Holiday Food Collection – Thanksgiving 2014

For the Thanksgiving Meal Drive, through to November 8th, the San Bernardino City Mission Ministries is asking us to provide macaroni and cheese and top ramen. Also, needed are sign-ups for packing or delivery of meals on the 22nd; please let us know ASAP.  ...

More Ways to Bless with Thanksgiving Meals

  • 89.7 KSGN is another opportunity to to support City Mission Ministries (San Bernardino City Mission) and feed souls, coming together with over 23k Thanksgiving meals so far.
    888.897.5746 to give $1.57/meal. Make that call and let’s touch more lives!

  • Many opportunities to help also available at EatBeWell.

  • Another resource in our community is the FoothillFamilyShelter.

Holiday Meals and Other Blessings

Help us bless families during the holidays assisting City Mission Ministries meeting the needs of the Inland Empire. Friendship is partnering in

Thanksgiving meals — mashed potatoes, stuffing, and/or canned vegetables.
Holiday Toys for children — dolls and balls
Christmas Meals

–soups, pastas, veggies, meals in a can, and canned fruit

Let’s impact our community to see Christ in the coming days! 1 John 3:17-18
What’s in your heart of thanksgiving?

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