People of the Bible (OT)

(W. H. Griffith Thomas, B.D.)

Here we have one of the most interesting, most enjoyable, and most valuable subjects of study. God has been pleased to give us so much of His Word in biographical form, that a knowledge of the men and women is absolutely essential to a true understanding of the Bible and of God’s revelation contained in it. We thereby see the revelation in its progress, and at the same time are enabled to note the effects of the working of God on the souls of men.

With such a large field it is almost as impossible as it is unnecessary to particularize, but it may be well to call special attention to two points. The life of the particular person before us should be studied as minutely as possible, and also in the order of progress and development of events. For example, Moses’ life is capable of three divisions — Early Life, Life in Midian, Life as Leader of Israel. In David’s we notice five sections — David at Home, David at Court, David in Exile, David King of Judah, David King over all Israel. The other point is the extreme spiritual interest and profit of the lesser lives of the Old Testament, such as Caleb, Aaron, Ruth, Eli, Mephibosheth, and many more. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the value of this biographical study.

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