Ministries Operations

Ministries Operations

Church Operations

Church Council —

The Church Leadership Council governs the day-to-day functioning of Friendship and coordinates the mission and ministries of the church. The Council also handles church discipline. The Leadership meets monthly and communicate regularly in service to the Body of Christ at Friendship. The Clerk of Council handles all official correspondence for Friendship. Your Clerk is Suzy Cho.

Currently as an emerging church of the CRC denomination, Friendship’s council is a leadership team fulling responsibilities of both elder and deacon.

Elders are the spiritual shepherds, the leaders of Friendship. Elders guide the church in the rule of faith and maintain the spiritual health of Friendship. Elders also retain the authority of the church body. Elders are usually overseen by a minister who is also considered an elder. Elders serve three-year terms.

Deacons are the servants of Friendship. Deacons are tasked with serving the temporal interests of Friendship, including the Benevolence Fund and being stewards of the financial resources of the church. The deacons are overseen by a Lead Deacon and serve three-year terms.


Offerings are collected weekly during the worship service in the offering box in the church’s foyer. The finances gathered during the offering pays for the church mortgage, any pastor’s modest salary, and the various utilities and bills which come with a property such as Friendship’s.

The Benevolence Offering is a wash account collected on the first Sunday of each month. The fund is used to ease the hardship of Friendship’s members. Just as a family will take care of its members, Friendship does the same thing with the Benevolence Fund. Administered by the Leadership.

The offering is collected by leadership, counted, and deposited. The Treasurer receives a report of the count sheet and deposit record weekly.
The Treasurer keeps the monetary accounts of Friendship in order and pays the bills. The Treasurer is an appointed position and without a specified term of service. Your Treasurer is Mike Martinez.

Church Office —

Office functions are handled the leadership’s administrative team; leave a message with the church office.

Bulletins & Announcements —

Bulletins and announcements are printed prior to each Sunday at the church office. For any bulletin requests please contact us.

Internet Evangelism —

The Internet evangelism social media ministry maintains Friendship’s Internet presence and seeks to serve the needs of Friendship’s electronic community and to expand the Gospel through a digital medium. Your webservant/administrator is Shelley Norman.

Property Management —

The church facilities all require janitorial care, as well as ongoing maintenance. The installed landscaping is maintained, as well.

Note that Property Management only maintains existing landscaping, but is not responsible for property improvements. The Property Manager oversees the upkeep of the facilities and the landscaping. The Property Manager is an appointed position without a specified term of service. The role is at present unassigned, however the responsibilities are overseen by leadership as a team with Mike Martinez as point person.

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