If you are searching within the Inland Empires area for opportunities and options for Thanksgiving meal assistance, we are hoping this list provided to Friendship Community Church  proves to be a blessing to you – please share with anyone who might benefit.

Families who have no place to go on Thanksgiving Day. Notice item #7 there are two places families can go to enjoy a hot Thanksgiving Dinner. 

1.  Salvation Army Church, 838 Alta St., Redlands  909-792-6868

2.  Set Free Church, San Bernardino  (call to get the time and date of food distribution)

     2180 Darby St., San Bernardino, CA  909-474-9273 

3.  The Rock Church, 2345 S. Waterman, San Bernardino  909-825-8887

    (call to get the time and dates of food distribution)

4.  Helping Hands Food Pantry, 2205 So. Artesia St., San Bernardino, 909-382-7900

     Food is distributed on a regular basis.  

5.  Family Services Association of Redlands, an application must be picked up and completed in

     order to get regular assistance  909-792-9626  

6.  Packinghouse Church of Redlands will be distributing free Thanksgiving Dinners this year.

     You must attend one of the Sunday services and sign up for it at the Kiosk Desk.  You can 

     not sign up by calling on the phone. Address: 27165 W. San Bernardino Ave., Redlands

     office 909-793-8744.  

7.  Thanksgiving Dinners, open to the community:  

     The YMCA of Highland will be having another Thanksgiving Dinner, open to the public.  Last year, over 500 people were served.  phone # 909-425-9622

     There is a guest list for people to sign up for this meal, so please call to make your reservation this year.  

     The Catholic Community Services will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Brandin’ Iron Saloon in San Bernardino located at 320 So. “E” St.,

     San Bernardino, Ca  on Thursday Nov. 27th from 11am to 3pm.  Delicious meals will be served to low income families. phone # 388-1239 xn308    

8.  The local Realtor’s Association of Redlands will soon announce the location they will be distributing  Thanksgiving dinners to local families.  You can read about it in the Redlands Daily Facts, or call a local Real Estate Sales office to get information about the time, and date.

Friendship supports The San Bernardino City Mission efforts and recommends Eat & Be Well – Phone (888) 465-5036, Email info@eatbewell.org, Website http://eatbewell.org/