Bible Study

Walk in the Word Bible Study

Family night of fellowship, study, and prayer for all ages. Join us students of the Word, followers of Christ, accountability partners, family of God, brothers and sisters in the Lord; let’s get that spiritual exercise as He orders our steps while we continue to hide the treasures of His Word in our hearts. We use The Complete Bible Discussion Guide, by Mack Thomas to facilitate our discussions. 

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30

(pre-empted by PUSH ~Pray Until Something Happens~ on last Wednesdays)

Current area of study:  exploring the riches of the Book of Judges, Chapter 3.



Since the ultimate aim of Bible study is to know God better, what does this chapter tell me about God’s character and personality?

Since God has given me the Bible to change my life, what needed corrections or adjustments in my habits or character come to mind as I explore this chapter?

 In this chapter, what are…

–> the key verses, the key phrases, the key words?

–> the key points or principles—and how do they work in my life?

 In this chapter, do I see any…

–> commands to obey?

–> promises to claim?

–> standards to live by?

 What three-to-six word title would I give to this chapter, to help me remember its teaching?

Everyone’s Best Preparation for Discussing Each Chapter:

Read the chapter…reread it…and reread it again.

1st Saturdays Men’s Bible Fellowship 9/5 8am

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Brothers, come out and join the men in sharpening iron. taste and see that the Lord is good

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