Our Church History

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Friendship’s first service, Nov. 19, 1989

Friendship Community Church started from one pastor knocking on doors around the Village of Heritage area of Fontana. Pastor Randy had a dream of reaching the unchurched for Jesus Christ and blessing them with the new life that comes from believing in His name. The first service was held on November 19, 1989, in the West Heritage Elementary School.

As the church grew to about 140 each Sunday, the church sought a bigger place. Friendship moved to the Fontana Performing Arts Center in September of 1993. By 1997, the church began looking for property for its own home.

In 1998, through many miracles of God, the church closed escrow on a 5+ acre property that was formerly a horse ranch. Through many more powerful acts of God, the property was remodeled and improved upon for holding church services. On April 8, 2001, the church held its first public service in the new facility.

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Our present facility while under
construction in November 2000

Once the church was well established in the Fontana community, Pastor Randy Young was called to serve the Lord elsewhere in August 2002. Pastor Phil Du Bois pastored Friendship Community Church in October of 2002 into 2005; publicly recognized in March of 2003 by the congregation for his faithful service.

Subsequently we have experienced rebirth and, while yet small, we move with excitement into God’s will for Friendship in the community of Fontana with a renewed and revitalized commitment; Reggie Norman shepherding with a united and dedicated leadership team. Friendship is at the heart of the city with a heart for families and to reach the lost for Christ, teaching the Word of God, and discipling believers to reach the world.

Our Roots

Many people ask us if we belong to a denomination. Yes, we do. Unlike independent churches, Friendship Community Church is supported by a 150-year old denomination called the Christian Reformed Church of North America. The denomination has almost 300,000 members and about 1,000 churches. The denomination runs the evangelical Christian college , Calvin College, in Michigan and supports a Bible College in Grand Rapids, and five other Christian colleges. It also has its own radio and television program, the “Back to God Hour” broadcast and “Primary Focus.” These programs are broadcast locally in the Inland Empire Area and the Los Angeles Area. The programs are also broadcast throughout the world in nine languages.

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Former Fontana mayor David Eshleman with the pastor and congregation at the dedication service of its new building on April 7, 2001.

The word “Reformed” means that the church is aligned with that historic branch of Christianity that withdrew from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1500’s. That branch has influenced great historic preachers such as Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and Charles Spurgeon. In modern times, many Christians are familiar with the books of “Reformed” writers such as R.C. Sproul, John Stott, J.I. Packer, and James Montgomery Boice.

The early Christian church was like the single trunk of a tree. After about 1,000 years of growth, the trunk divided into two major branches – the Eastern and Western churches. In 1517, the Protestant Reformation divided the Western (or Roman Catholic) church into several new branches. One of these Reformation branches, formed under Martin Luther’s influence, was called the Lutheran church. Another branch developed under the influence of Ulrich Zwingli and later John Calvin. These churches were called “Presbyterian” in Scotland and “Reformed” in continental Europe. The Reformed churches flourished in the Netherlands. In the early 1800’s some of these Dutch Reformed people moved to the United States, and in 1857 they started the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

Friendships Along the Way

Corman Leigh Communities developed their Sonata community adjacent to the church in 2003. Corman Leigh helped Friendship Community Church with our landscaping, and we are very thankful. Friendship believes that God has blessed Corman Leigh for their help.

Crossroads Community Church is an evangelical, charismatic, Bible-believing Christian church associated with the Christian Evangelistic Assemblies of the United States. CCC started as a home meeting in the Spring of 1998. CCC quickly grew and moved to a local high school. In mid 2000 Crossroads purchased and began renovation of its future home at the corner of Foothill & Citrus in north Fontana and began construction in Autumn of 2002. CCC met at 1:30 PM on Sundays in our facility during construction. God blessed Crossroads and they held their first public service in their new facility on August 31, 2003. For additional information please contact the Church Offices at (909) 823-0216. On April 20th, 2003, Friendship and Crossroads held a joint service to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.