Christian Movie Premieres

‘Do You Believe’ Friendship Fellowship Night at the Movies Wednesday, April 8th is postponed; new details forthcoming …

Wednesday Walk in the Word to ‘Heaven’

Family Wednesday night (in lieu of Bible Study, Praise Team, and Youth Fellowship), April 16th, will be church-wide Friendship Movie Night at the Fontana Regency 8 at 7:10 pm. We are excited to see the opening night premiere of Heaven is for Real. Those who went to...

2014 Christian Movie Premieres

On October 3rd, Left Behind premieres. Friendship plans will be in attendance Saturday, October 4th at the matinée; details forthcoming.
Upon viewing the trailer, Pastor says “Although a ‘hollywood production’, don’t be fooled! This latest rendition of Left Behind appears to be a serious, intense and somber look at the end times”.