CKW ‘A Whole-Hearted Body’ Notes

A Body Whole-Heartedly Purposing God’s Plan We have a head from the beginning and through to the end purposed and planned We have a heart that bled, intervenes for us, cleans us up Both touch every aspect of the body and has its best interest in mind. How does the body function. With a head and a heart. And systems to keep them going with gift and purpose. No aspect holds back, but operates beyond... read more

CKW Fresh Fervent Fruitful Faith Notes

Dangerously Crazy Fresh Fervent Fruitful Faith for Christ; How Ordinary! But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless? James 2:20 Seeing God work through you and in you, as the result of obedience to your faith in Him, it should strengthen your faith in Him. This means that you come to recognize more & more His sovereign control & work. As your faith is... read more

CKW of Winds and Rains Notes

2nd Saturdays Sustenance Thoughts … If you look at your life and your walk like weather ups and downs more severe – heat, winds, rains, cold, storms there are also times of refreshing and provision to carry you through wind – sweeping. God is a place of shelter, and enabler that we can stand. rain – washing – the phrase “latter and former rain”  “Literal... read more

2nd Saturdays Breakfast Fellowship 9/13

Ladies, The C’King Women‘s September “of Winds and Rain” event is on the 13th. RSVP Yay or Nay – and join us for the 2nd Saturday Breakfast Fellowship; invite a... read more