with the first Sunday’s message about rejoicing (Phillipians 3:1), this news is just in from our missionaries in Cuernavaca, Mexico … keep them in your thoughts and stand with them, touch, and agree in your prayers.

Nanana from Cuernavaca, Morelos

Kids at Mexican Public schools are still in classroom until mid-July. Of course, there are also schools already on vacations, but many are forced to go till the last day of school. It is due to Dept. of Public Education ruling over teachers to take monthly training program that extended 2 weeks.

1. PRAISE_ Mexico Coffee Break Ministry hosted leader training modules for the next generation leaders of the ministry. Thanks to Sam Huizenga’s service.

2. PRAISE_ About 10 small groups finished studying the book of Jonah after 5-6 weeks of gathering. There were many laughing and uplifting stories out of this study. We will adjourn again in September with the book of Acts (3 volumes). Thanks to San Diego Coffee Break Center for book publishing fund. We will first print Acts, and then other 5-6 titles to add our CB library. Thanks for your prayer and ongoing interest.

3. PRAISE_ God’s Image (AID) ministry will soon host its 13th seminar in Cuernavaca, scheduled at the end of August, and we have 60 people registered already 2 months prior the event. It is unbelievable. Our ministry team started, as of July 1st, fasting and praying for them and for the event in August. We are also looking forward to work with Good Steward Church for this heart-warming ministry.  

4. PRAISE_ Good Stewards Church (West Covina, CA) served two of our churches with medical ministry and painting. Hector, Socorro, and Noe are deeply grateful for their physical and home improvement service. Especially, Noe and his wife Rosa are so happy that they couldn’t sleep in four walls painted for the first time.

5. PRAYER_ The Bible Reading Ministry (BR90) is outreaching global churches. Abe will attend its global vision training in Korea. The training is for two weeks (mid-July). Pastor Joo heads this ministry and his reading guidebooks have been translated in various languages, and we hope to see it published soon in Spanish, too.

6. PRAYER_ We will lead a youth camp in Chiapas (July 28- August 1). The Alfa and Omega Presbytery leaders told us to expect 200 young men and women for the camp. Its theme is ‘Young man, are you of faith?’ We pray for it to be a faith building time.

7. PRAYER_ As we get back from Chiapas event, we will reengage with another youth activity, bicultural youth camp in Cuernavaca with youth from San Jose New Community Baptist Church (Mountain View, CA). It will be hosted at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. We expected about 50 young people mingling together though they may not communicate well with each other. During the week, we have included afternoon activities—free hugs in the town square, gift sharing at Children’s Hospital, and evangelism at soccer fields. May this camp help them harmonized with the love of God wants to be the event.

8. PRAYER_ Emmanuel Presbytery annual meetings scheduled on July 25-27. We all spent good year so have a lot to thank God. May we all be wise in decision-makings for our churches to grow and mature. May we all be loving to each other on troubles and conflictive issues, if there is any.

9. PRAISE_ As of June, we’ve met our fundraising goal (70%) for the year 2013-14. We are so thankful for your generous and heartfelt giving to us. However, in 2014-15 our financial task has been tougher (90%), so we would encourage you to keep us in your prayer and continue to support God’s work through us to outreach hundreds of lost sons of daughters of God, here on this part of the world. We are given to restoring their broken relationships with God and family through God’s Image Ministries and Coffee Break small groups.

10. PRAISE_ Our children have finished another school year. As you may have heard, here too are a lot of bullying concerns, that Dept. of Public Education had to step in and senators come up with a law not to tolerate such behavior at schools. Nonetheless, we are so grateful to see our children grow sound and healthy. Naomi (11th grade) will soon explore college options. Please pray for her spiritual growth.

We wish God’s rich blessing on you, your walk, and your family,

Abe & Elaine Lee