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2015 Couples’ Study Season Opener Feb. 8th

Mark your calendars … the Couple’s Study 2015 Season Opening Event! February 8th, Sunday evening read more

Couple’s Study 2014 Grand Finale

Mark your calendars … the Couple’s Study 2014 Grand Finale Gathering October 19th, 5 p.m. Sunday... read more

2014 Couples Study Season Opener …

2014 Season Opening Event!

February 9th, Sunday evening

couples study

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Couple’s 2013 Grand Finale

10/13 … The Couple’s Study 2013 Grand Finale Gathering … Sunday evening.

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Criticizing Each Other

Read 2 Samuel 6:1–23 Every couple goes through a stage during which they move from “me” to “we.” From that point on, couples think in terms of what is best for “us,” not just “me.” For the most part, this bonding is good and healthy. But sometimes the sense of oneness in marriage can lead us to forget the ways in which we remain unique, separate people. A... read more

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