How Well Do You Manage Your Time? — a test

Time Management Inventory

Click one button for each row/statement. If you strongly agree with the statement, click the 4th button. If you strongly disagree, click the 1st button. When finished, click the "Calculate" button near the bottom.

1 2 3 4 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Agree, 4=Strongly Agree
My life is always busy, but I feel I haven't accomplished much.
Interruptions are one of my major timewasters.
I prepare a daily list of things to do.
I put priority codes by all the items on my daily activities list.
During the past year I've looked at the way I handle mail, letters, forms, and books to read, to see if any can be eliminated, simplified or improved.
I've discussed how to solve time management problems with my leaders or peers within the past month.
I tend to do the quick, easy, enjoyable things first.
Most people would say I'm a fast starter.
I have a list of long range personal objectives.
I have recorded a time log of exactly how I spent my time for at least one week during the past year.
Administrative meetings (e.g. committee or staff meetings) are one of my major time wasters.
It's hard to read all the Christian literature (including the Bible) I know I should be reading.
People often have to wait for me, or for work I'm supposed to get done.
I have to wait for the right mood to do creative work.
It's usually easy for me to say "no" to other people.
I have a list of performance goals for my work (e.g. in church, family, job, and school) that are specific, measurable, and have definite target dates.
I seem to jump around from task to task and often leave things unfinished.
1 2 3 4 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Agree, 4=Strongly Agree
I use a file or follow-up system to keep track of projects, tasks, and assignments.
Unnecessary socializing takes up too much of my day.
I am able to act on paperwork (e.g. mail, letters, bills, magazines, newspapers) the first time I pick it up so I only have to handle it once.
I tend to get overly involved in other people's work and I do things for them that they could and should do themselves.
I postpone things which aren't very urgent, even though they may be important.
I can develop a high energy level quickly and maintain it a long time.
I have a list of all the smaller tasks, jobs, and assignments that need to be handled over the next few weeks.
I don't have to interrupt the time I need to spend with my family in order to get church-related work done.
Things seem to take longer than I thought they would and I usually end up trying to tackle too much at once.
I can find quiet, non-interrupted time whenever I need it.
I've been able to reduce the time it takes to handle my paperwork (e.g. reading, forms, letters, mail).
I regularly ask others to tell me how I might be wasting their time so I can improve conditions.
I often feel guilty about all the things that I'm not getting done.
I like to change and create new habits.
1 2 3 4 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Agree, 4=Strongly Agree
I review my long range performance goals at least once every week.
I have to start unusually early or work late in order to get my work done.
I prepare a weekly plan with specific objectives and how to accomplish them.
I always answer my telephone, even if it rings in the midst of an important conversation, or in the middle of family dinner.
My desk or work area is rather cluttered and could be neater.
I save things up and handle several things in one visit so I won't interrupt others so much.
I tend to put off things that are unpleasant.
I have a problem handling stress, tension or anxiety.
I clearly understand the purpose or intended results of all my activities.
I usually start my day with coffee, conversation, or reading newspapers.
I often fail to tackle first things first, or fail to work on the basis of what's most important.
Ineffective communication is one of my major time wasters.
I regularly use a dictating machine or word-processor to generate letters, memos, reports and other paper work that I must prepare.
On a regular (e.g. weekly) basis, I meet with other church workers or leaders to coordinate plans, priorities or daily activities.
It takes pressure or an approaching deadline to get me started on a difficult or complex project.
I don't have enough time for family, friends, personal devotions or other important parts of my life.
Recurring crises and emergencies seem to be happening in my life all the time.

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