(Arthur T. Pierson, D.D.)

Revelation or the Apocalypse, corresponds to the book of Daniel, and, as Daniel casts light on the Former days—between the Captivity and the Fall of Jerusalem under Titus—this book casts light on the Latter days, from the Fall of Jerusalem to the Lord’s second coming. Several systems of interpretation exist, but, whatever one we adopt, one great truth is here undoubtedly taught: the Final Victory of Christ and His Kingdom over all forms of error and evil.

 It is peculiar to notice how, at the close of the Bible, we find ourselves again at the beginning. In Genesis, and again in Revelation, we have the Tree of Life, the River, God tabernacling with man; here Paradise is regained, Innocence, Beauty and Harmony restored. But the curse of sin which blasted the first Eden shall no more blight the new Paradise. “Alleluja! for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth!” The Ruin of the Fall is now no more, and Redemption has brought the Final Restoration. What more sublime proof of the Unity of the Word of God than this, that with over forty different human writers, and over sixty different books, one grand testimony is everywhere borne, and from Genesis to the close one structure is building that now finds its Capstone!